Healthy Munchies

It is very important to eat healthy to maintain a high quality of life.  Eating healthy can be a challenge for most people, particularly nowadays with everyone living such a busy lifestyle.  There are many benefits to eating a balanced diet such as weight loss, reducing the risk of cancer, manage diabetes, improving heart health and stroke prevention.  Healthy eating will also help maintain strong bones and teeth, improves mood and memory, can help with overall gut health and improve the quality of sleep.

Eating healthy can be even more challenging if you use Cannabis.  It can be common to get the munchies after consuming Cannabis, as most people know.  This effect is caused by two factors:  The first factor is due to changes in hormone levels released by neurons in the hypothalamus, triggering hunger sensations.  The second factor is that THC is said to contribute to an increased sense of smell, which can lead to increased appetite.

For some, getting the munchies is a desirable effect.  For those who prefer to suppress appetite, there are a couple of things to consider when choosing a strain.  Chose Cannabis strains that have high levels of Humulene because of its anorectic effects, meaning that this terpene can suppress hunger.  Strains with a high level of this terpene are Stardawg 91 and Calyx OG as per the online Leafly directory.  Tilray’s Pink Kush is another good option.

Another component to consider are strains high in the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V), which has a chemical structure similar to THC.  This component produces a psychoactive effect but can suppress one’s appetite instead of stimulating it.    Strains high in THCV are typically sativa, look for Pineapple Purps or Durban Poison.  For maximum effects look for products that combine both Humulene and THCV, such as this Alberta strain known as Green Cush.

Relying on willpower alone is simply not enough.  The best way to avoid an unplanned trip through the drive-through is by planning ahead and being prepared with healthy snacks that you enjoy.

Some snack ideas to consider:

It is possible to use Cannabis as a weight loss tool by avoiding strains that have a high THC level and by using products with both THCV and Humulene.  If you still feel the urge to snack pick healthier options.  As everyone’s experience with Cannabis is different, we recommend keeping a journal to record your progress to help determine what strains work best for you.

*Always get professional advice before starting a weight loss program.

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