Cannabis and Women

Cannabis effects both men and women differently, particularly when it’s between the sheets. For men, Cannabis can lower sexual desire shortly after consuming it. For women, consuming Cannabis in low doses may heighten sexual desire. Find out how Cannabis can be used to improved sexual performance, how it can help with menstrual symptoms and what affect hormone levels have by reading more.

Did you know that Cannabis is considered to be an aphrodisiac? There are several ways both THC and CBD can increase pleasure and affect sexual performance. The components of Cannabis, particularly THC, increases sensitivity and can intensify orgasms. Sativa varieties are the most ideal for physical activity because of their uplifting effects and could enhance your evening with your partner.

The effects of Cannabis are caused by the stimulation of receptors located throughout the body. There are 2 types of receptors, these are called Cannabinoid Receptor 1 and 2 (CB1 & CB2). The CB2 receptor is found mainly in the immune system and in hematopoietic cells, the abdominal area has a large concentration of these receptors.

A woman’s estrogen levels are another factor which can affect sexual pleasure. The Van Der Pop Guide to Sex and Cannabis shares that pre-menopausal women can develop a general tolerance to THC and are more vulnerable to the negative side effects of Cannabis use. The opposite is true for postmenopausal women, who can maintain a stable dosage long-term.

Van Der Pop also states that not only can Cannabis cause ‘dry-mouth’ but it can also cause a something referred to as ‘cotton-vagina’, a term shared by Carlen Costa of The Everyday Goddess. This happens because the vaginal mucus can become dry for some women after consuming Cannabis. Advice from the experts is to use lubrication during intercourse, whatever type you prefer.

Some of the regulated producers are beginning to make Cannabis infused lube, such as; Foria Pleasure by Tweed. This product comes in both a CBD and THC formulation and claims to enhance tactile sensations while decreasing tension, discomfort and dryness. These oil-based Cannabis infused lubes will not get the user high, unless it is consumed.

It is also very easy to make infused lube at home, see this recipe from Leafly for directions. Always purchase your Cannabis from a regulated source to ensure that the product is free of pesticides, molds and other contaminants. Using regulated product makes it slightly easier to calculate potency too.

Cannabis consumption can also help women achieve better orgasms because THC and CBD work together to calm the mind and relieve body discomfort. Some other benefits include increased libido, self-awareness and might give a sensation of time slowing down. If you suffer from paranoia it is recommended to stay away from products with a high THC content to avoid this.

Some products have been created to alleviate menstrual discomfort, like these vaginal suppositories from Foria Relief. The suppositories come four in a box and are made with 100% organic-certified cocoa butter. Cannabis suppositories provide natural menstrual relief without the side-effects typical of ibuprofen or opioids.

There is a medical study taking place on the benefits of Cannabis-infused vaginal suppositories, looking at the effectiveness of Foria Relief to address pain and other menstrual symptoms. This observational study will be the first in the world to follow women using a medical Cannabis product that is already available in stores. The study will rely on self-reported results via an automated, secure medical questionnaire administered by Dr Gruber and her staff.

It is helpful to know that everyone experiences the effects of Cannabis differently. For some female friendly Cannabis worthy of experimenting with try Blue by Spectrum, Moon by Up Cannabis or CB Diesel by Maricann. It is best to start with a low dosage and to gradually increase until you’re happy with the effects.

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