Strain Name:  Haiduk (Sour Tangie)

Producer:  Aurora Cannabis

Cost:  Follow link for pricing.

Labeled as:  THC 21.8 % and CBD 0 %

Species:  Sativa

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight: Rating this a 3.5.  The product received weighed perfectly and was delivered quickly because of my proximity to the producer.  However, the dried herb still comes in medium size plastic containers which are hard to transport day-to-day and was shipped in a large box which is not environmentally friendly.

Look:  Rated a 4.  The flowers are a medium green color with lots of dark orange pistols and had some visible crystals.  The buds are hard and very compact.  The product sent was trimmed well and the buds all varied in size.

Smell:  Will rate the smell a 4.  This product had a strong citrus scent which was fantastic!  The main terpene present is nerolidol, which can also be found in orange trees called Neroli.  This terpene may provide a mildly sedative effect and could also be antifungal.  Linalool is the secondary terpene, which also has a citrus aroma.  This terpene is also mildly sedative and could help to control anxiety.

Taste:  Rating the taste a 4.  The overall flavor of this strain was mild and fresh, with no chemical taste detected and was smooth when smoked in a joint.

Effects:  Giving the effects a 4.  I felt uplifted and mentally alert after consuming this product.  After continued use, I did feel relief from some mild depression I had been experiencing (individual results will vary).

Comments:  The genetics for this strain comes from a combination of Tangerine Dream and Sour Diesel, produced by DNA Genetics.  Because of the species and terpene profile, this strain would be great for daytime use, with no negative mental effects.  I enjoyed using this product and felt the medicinal effects were worth the cost.

Flowering:  9 to 10 weeks (indoors)

References:  Terpene.infoTerpene.info and Leafly.

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