Unfortunately, due to BC provincial regulations, our Spiritleaf apparel is only available for sale to customers residing outside of BC. The good news is that you can still shop our accessories.

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Rice Rolling Papers - 40 sheets per pack, 1 ¼

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Rice Rolling Papers - 40 sheets per pack, 1 ¼

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These custom Spiritleaf Rice Rolling Papers are ideal for those looking for a premium rolling experience. Rice papers are renowned for their slow burn and tastelessness, allowing the smoker to both savour their cannabis and extend their sessions. An added benefit of rice papers is their environmental sustainability, something the Spiritleaf family takes very seriously. Happen to have a friend that tends to turn a joint into a microphone? Rice paper is prone to stop burning when inactive, preventing future bogarted joints from a premature demise.

Before cutting into your premium packaging for the sake of a filter, make sure to check out our custom designed Spiritleaf triple roll filter. Feel confident in sharing your next perfectly rolled joint and enjoy the bliss that is achieved by awakening your inner spirit.