Producer:  Aurora Cannabis

Cost:  $9.00 / gram

Labeled as:  THC 0.45% and CBD 12%

Species:  Hybrid

Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  Rating this a 2.  The product weighed just under the 5 grams that was ordered but within Health Canada standards.  The Cannabis comes in a bulky plastic container, which is inconvenient to transport and is not my preference.  The package does have the required information on it, but it is in small print making it hard to read.

Look:  Giving this a 4.  The buds were moderate in size and were trimmed well with no sticks or leaves remaining.  The Cannabis is very colourful; it is a dark green colour with some hints of purple.  There are lots of red hairs visible, (called pistols) with very little crystals seen.  The buds were slightly moist and compact.

Smell:  Rating this strain a 3.5.  This product has a very earthy aroma.  (organic compounds called Terpenes are responsible for the smell and taste.)  This product has high levels of Myrcene, which is one of the most common Terpenes and can also found in bay leaves.  It also contains Guaiol, which is found in cypress pine species giving the Cannabis a sweet but woody scent.

Taste:  Rating it a 3.  The overall flavor is very mild and earthy because of the Terpenes present, whether it is smoked or vaped.  No chemical flavor detected in this strain, I found the taste to be average.

Effects:  Will rate this a 4.  The medicinal effects are difficult to measure in a short period of time.  Because it is a CBD dominant strain, I felt no psychedelic effects, which is one of the reasons people choose products like these.  I did feel a calming effect, providing some stress relief (individual results will vary).

Comments:  This strain is Aurora’s third variety of Cannatonic.  I suggest mixing this product with a THC dominate strain for best results.  Cannabis works best when all the components are present -this is called the ‘entourage effect’.  The combination of high CBD and the Terpenes that are present in this product can provide anti-inflammatory effects, which can be beneficial for controlling several conditions. This strain could provide pain relief if used long term.  I would order this strain again because of its medicinal effects and is a good value for the cost.

References:  Green Flower and Royal Queen Seeds.

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