Tips for Storing Cannabis

Once harvested, dried Cannabis should be treated like any other herb or spice in your pantry and can retain its quality for over a year if stored correctly.  The first factor to consider is proper curing, which refers to the process which Cannabis buds are slowly dried for optimal benefits.  The second factor is the proper storage of the dried Cannabis, by using an airtight container such as a CVault or a classic Mason Jar -kept in a dark place.

Preventing mold and over drying by controlling humidity is very important.  Why does controlling the humidity matter?  Too much humidity will cause the buds to mold and over drying will cause the medicinal compounds in the Cannabis to degrade.  Consider using humidity packs or regulators, which can release or absorbs moisture depending on the circumstances.

In addition to applying a heat source directly to the dried Cannabis, THCA can slowly convert into the activated THC component over time due to natural processes.  Curing your Cannabis slowly will help retain the medicinal value of both the terpenes and Cannabinoids present.  Terpenes, which are the essential oils present in many types of medicinal plants and flowers, will naturally break down or off and can be retained longer when the Cannabis is cured correctly.

Improperly cured Cannabis can be harsh when smoked due to the higher levels of Chlorophyll present in the plant, which is normally released when cured properly.  Chlorophyll is necessary for the plant to grow but adds little medicinal benefits to the Cannabis once harvested.

Guarantee the perfect humidity level for your Cannabis by using products like Integra Boost humidity packs.  These packs are plant-based, biodegradable, add no chemical vapours and uses food-grade ink on the packaging.  The packs come in three sizes and offer two different humidity levels, depending on your preference.

To freeze or not to freeze your Cannabis, this is another question?  It is a myth that storing Cannabis in the freezer is a good strategy.  According to several sources, this will damage the medicinal compounds, just like over drying would.  This fact is also true for Cannabis concentrates such as shatter, rosin and oil.

Storing properly cured Cannabis in an airtight container with a humidity regulator in a cool, dark place will keep your herbs fresh and potent for as long as possible.


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