Strain Name: THC – Sativa (Landrace)

Producer:  THC Biomed

Cost:  $6.00 / gram

Labeled as:  THC 21% and CBD 0%

Species:  Sativa


Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  Will rate this a 2.  The weight of the product was within the legal limits and was only slightly under.  This producer uses medium size plastic containers, which have never been my preference.  The label could be more detailed, no strain-specific information for this product.

Look:  Rated only a 2.  The individual buds were all very tiny and could have been trimmed better.  The flower is almost a bright green colour with some medium red hairs (pistils) and some visible crystals are present.  Typical for Sativa, the flower is light and airy.

Smell:  Rating this another 2.  There is little information about the terpene profile available from the producer, but the scent is similar to myrcene or even humulene.  It has a strong musky odour, which is typical of Sativa strains.  The flavor was unnatural, making it unpleasant to me.

Taste:  Rating it a 1.  The flavour matched the smell, it was very earthy and almost unnatural.  I would even say it was dreadful.  Because of the strong flavour, it was harsh when smoked.

Effects:  Giving this a 2.5.  The medicinal effects were subtle overall and because this product is a Sativa strain I felt mentally alert with no head fog. This product would be best used during the day.

(individual results will vary).

Comments:  The producer describes this proprietary strain as being a strong Sativa, providing an energetic high.  This strain is a landrace, which is uncommon as most Cannabis strains are crossbred currently.  Although, I didn’t like the strong flavour I would purchase this product again for the desirable daytime effects and felt it was a good value for the price.

References:  Leafly and Key to Cannabis.

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