Spiritleaf Origin

Spiritleaf is about enjoying life with those who make us happy and viewing every day as an opportunity to try something new!

Breaking from norms, embracing the unexpected and sharing meaningful moments is what shapes who we are.  Being accepted by the Cannabis community, providing public education, challenging stigmas and providing quality products are our key values.

The origin of the Spiritleaf brand is simple.  Our symbol was created by turning the initials into the texture of a leaf, with a change of perspective.

We’ve aligned ourselves with the most reputable experts in their respected fields. Our partners allow us to succeed in every aspect of the industry.  The goal is to become a leader in the legalization of Cannabis in Canada, offering lab-tested, quality products.  Spiritleaf has established relationships with regulated producers and will sell a variety of strains and retail products, exclusive to our stores.

The stores will offer an impressive selection of products, knowledgeable staff and a welcoming environment.  Creating an atmosphere that lets creativity flourish, in a place where experiences and perspectives can be shared.  Spiritleaf also offers well-designed, high-quality paraphernalia and accessories made by artisans, starting with our custom rolling papers!

These papers are unbleached and made with 100% Pure Hemp Pulp, featuring a double window design with a round magnet enclosure.  These are truly slow-burning paper, with no artificial flavours, designed to awaken your inner spirit.  Spiritleaf also has a custom, engraved 4 piece aluminium herb grinder with a magnetic screw cap enclosure, in gold!

From farm to toke we say!  Providing for the Cannabis customers demand, directly sourced from regulated licensed producers.  Recognizing the role this social movement plays promoting our communities, the ability to provide a quality product, to create local jobs and equitable economic opportunity.

Spiritleaf was established in early 2017 and is positioned to be a competitive recreational brand in the Cannabis industry.  At this time the franchise locations will be in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, with the flagship store in Calgary across from Chinook Center mall.  Offering a hub for those like-minded people who value life-changing experiences.

“With more than 100 Spiritleaf locations already at various stages of planning, we wanted to ensure that each location will provide an incredible experience for our future customers, employees, communities, franchise partners, landlords, and other stakeholders,” said Darren Bondar, CEO of Spirit Leaf Inc.

The inspiration for the store design came from many sources.  The main artistic focal point is a larger than life hand drawing of the Cannabis flower, created by an incredibly talented, local artist.  We interviewed Kelsey about her artwork and about this project in particular.  Read her responses below:


1)  How did you get started creating art? Who first introduced you to the world of art?

Honestly, I don’t know or remember who introduced me to the world of art. My family is left-brain; so what introduced me to my right brain/art is my ‘disability.’ I was diagnosed with meningitis when I was 8 months old and lost most of my hearing. Growing up, when I couldn’t hear other kids, I liked to get lost in thoughts, daydreams or doodes.

2) Describe your artistic style for our readers. Do you sketch, paint, is it modern or conceptual?

My strength is drawings. They look more like realism but if you look closely at the details, they are more like crosshatch style. When it comes to paintings, they are abstract.

My understanding/communication on what others are saying depends a lot on my ability to interpret body movement and gestures.

In our social environment, non-verbal communication is a silent mediator. It provides us with a ‘mode’ for conveying messages without the use of verbal language We are able to infer emotions through non-verbal communication and influence perception of our competence, power, and vulnerability.

3) Do you have any favorite spots that you’ve painted or drawn?

My studio in my home. It is my private sanctuary.

4) Tell us about your studio space and how this space influences your work?

This space has lots of natural light, plus essential oils diffusing in the air. Plants. Music. Those influences me to stay relaxed and positive. We all know creativity ebbs and flows, so it’s important to allow that positive energy in your space.

5) What art piece or project are you most proud of?

I am proud of all of my pieces, but what I am most proud of is the portfolio I submitted to a Toronto’s printmaking studio, Open Studio.

They have a yearly residency application and I earned that one spot.  During my time at Open Studio, I learned a lot about myself and my creativities in unfamiliar space and city.

6) Regarding the artwork created for the Spiritleaf stores, what personal reason did you have for agreeing to this project?

Supporting Calgary locals! Plus I am drawn to the essence of Spiritleaf, it was a great match.

7) How many hours do you estimate this piece took for you to create?

40 hours.

8) How do you decide when to stop, when creating an art piece?

Usually, I glance at them every once a while and sleep on it before I get that ‘yes-I’m done’.

9) Can you walk us through your creative process?

My process is to sketch out the rough ideas on smaller paper, allow myself the freedom to make mistakes, re-arrange and make changes. Once I’m happy with my sketch; I re-sketch it again to get nice crisp lines. I scan the sketch into my laptop and to use the projector to scale out my drawing into life-size. I trace the outlines but everything inside the outlines is abstract. I visualize where will the most details be, the contrast, the depth. It is like a puzzle to me.

10) In what way has Cannabis affected your life?

I do not use Cannabis myself but I have an appreciation and respect for a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals.

The store designs have tangible qualities, bringing the beauty of nature indoors.  The designers have been thoughtful with the material selections, choosing natural looking products throughout.  Most of the products are locally sourced, which reinforces the company values to have a lower environmental footprint.  Spiritleaf supports the opportunity for real craftsmanship in both product sourcing and quality installations.

Some of the innovative solutions include millwork installations and custom wood features by Salvage Solutions, which is a family run company based in Southern Alberta.  This company specializes in the lifecycle of building materials, with a focus on restoration and refurbishment.

Locally sourced flooring options for both tile and plank flooring have been incorporated.  High-end light fixtures such as ‘timber planter pendants’ provide the area with a soft and inviting glow.  The stores will have custom 3D brand identity graphics outside, with specially selected paint and art features inside.

Together, both the finishes and design features reinforce the brand as a sophisticated retail experience; encompassing all the ways people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place. These features are designed to draw the eye throughout the store, creating new ways of looking at a retail space.

We’re a team of skilled professionals with a history of success, bringing our passion for the business of Cannabis to the market and are completely invested in its potential.  Cannabis for all is our motto!


Instagram: @k_schuey

Email: kelseyschuett@gmail.com

Her website is coming soon!

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