reTreat Edibles -Product Review

We, at Spiritleaf, got the recent pleasure of trying some Cannabis infused edibles made especially for us by reTreat Edibles and Chef John MacNeil.  reTreat makes baking mixes that provide the perfect union of taste and experience for the Cannabis consumer.  These handcrafted mixes are healthy, easy to bake, are great tasting and will save you money.

The mixes come in three varieties with much more in development!!  Simply blend any one of these premium mixes with your preferred Cannabis oil.  You can order any of the products online and cost $9.99 per mix.  These three delicious flavours including Double Chocolate Midnight Brownie, Peanut Butter Oat Squares and Rosemary Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Square.

I first tried the Double Chocolate Midnight Brownie, which came with some toasted coconut on top.  The squares were perfectly moist and I enjoyed the taste of the deep french chocolate very much; which balanced well with the Cannabis flavour.  These samples were infused with an Indica strain that contained 11mg of THC for each square, providing a pleasant body effect soon after consuming.  And I wonder if it was a coincidence that the package contained exactly 420 grams?

I then enjoyed trying the Peanut Butter Oat Squares.  These squares were tender, flaky and had a hint of peanut butter; which easily camouflaged the Cannabis flavour.  These samples came infused with a Sativa strain and contained 9mg of THC for each square.  The psychoactive effects weren’t as noticeable this time, due to several factors including the strain type.  This could be a desirable effect for some individuals.

Last but not least, I enjoyed the Rosemary Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Square.  This product was also tender and flaky with an unusual, but delightful rosemary flavour.  This square came infused with an Indica strain and had 10mg of THC in each, providing a light body effect after consuming.  I was told this is Chef John’s favourite mix and it could be mine too!

I’m rating these edibles a 5 out of 5!  Overall, I feel these gourmet edibles are top notch.  reTreat Edibles attention to flavour makes these traditional treats worth purchasing.  These mixes are excellent for those individuals who prefer gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly options.  We, at Spiritleaf, are excited to be partnered with this exceptional company and can’t wait for new products currently in development.

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