Strain Name:  Northern Lights Auto Flowering

Producer:  Crop Kings Seeds

Cost:  Follow link for pricing.

Labeled as:  THC 15% and CBD 0%

Species: Indica (Hybrid)


Rated 1 (low score) to 5 (high score)

Packaging/Weight:  Home grown, n/a.


Look:  Rated a 4.  The buds are a very bright green, are completely covered in orange pistols and have many visible trichomes.  Many of the buds were large and were very airy overall.


Smell:  Will rate this a 3.  The aroma was plain with no unique terpenes detected, however the strain smelled earthy and a little sweet overall.  The smell increased slightly when it was ground up.


Taste:  Rating this another 2.5.  The flavor was clean with no chemical taste detected but was average with no distinct flavour.


Effects:  Giving this category a 4.  The effects of this strain were moderate for me with little-to-no brain fog.  It did help to relieve some back pain I was experiencing.  I had a noticeable increase in appetite after consuming this product (individual results will vary).


Comments:  A version of this strain won first place in 1993 at the High Times Cannabis Cup and originally originated from the Netherlands.  Although I didn’t enjoy the smell or taste, this strain was moderately medicinal and is ideal for daytime use.


Growing Notes:  This auto-flowering strain is very easy to grow and is good for beginners.  Flowering time is 8 weeks and is reported to produce an average yield of up to 8 ounces per plant indoors and 5 ounces outdoors.

This strain was grown indoors using deep water culture and under a 1000 watt HID light.  The one (from five seeds) plant I grew took 12 man-hours to harvest and produced 11 ounces, which is higher than average.  The buds were airy and not compact like the product description said.  I also feel this strain was more of a hybrid as it grew short and wide, with small sativa-like leaves.  I would grow this strain again for the high production and because it is so easy to grow.

Reference:, Leafly and Crop Kings.

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