Industry Spotlight: Nathan Campbell

This months industry spotlight is on an individual who has plans to redefine Cannabis as an educator and ‘cannapreneur’.   Nathan Campbell of North Trail Cannabis has personal experience treating both ADHD and Asthma successfully using Cannabis.  Educating others on using Cannabis safely and about how to incorporate the herb into a healthy and active lifestyle interests him most.  Read more about what he’s doing now and his future plans in this interview on The LEAF!

“The wonders of nature are endless” ~ Walt Disney

1) Why did you choose to work in the Cannabis industry?  What personal experience lead you there?

I started to get into the industry because I saw an opportunity like the gold rush that I wanted to be a part of and invest myself into. It started off with making sure I got a college education at Olds College and from there while I was in school I was diagnosed with ADHD and decided I didn’t want to continue on a path taking pills for it when I knew there were more natural treatments. I wanted to get into it more after realizing how much Cannabis has helped me and how much education there is surrounding it. That’s when I started my brand North Trail Cannabis.

2) What do you consider to be the most rewarding aspect of educating individuals about Cannabis and exercise?

The most rewarding aspect is getting to listen to the people I’ve educated tell me how positive their experiences have been with it. Not a lot of people think that you can incorporate Cannabis into a healthy lifestyle.  However, if it’s taken responsibly and properly, you could have the best experience climbing a mountain or going for a 4k run.

3) There are lots of outdoor activities to do here in Alberta, what benefits do you get from consuming Cannabis while being active?

The best benefit I get from consuming Cannabis is treating my asthma while being active.  THC is an effective bronchodilator, so it helps when I’m usually short of breath in an activity or struggling to breathe on a bad day.

4) What advice can you give users about using Cannabis while being active?

The best advice I could give would be to be safe when consuming. Taking too much Cannabis while trying to go hiking could result in a hike that isn’t enjoyable. Know your limits and know how much is too much. The view is the most rewarding part of a hike and I want to be able to enjoy it.

5) What method of Cannabis consumption DO you recommend while being active?

Vaporization, in my opinion, is the safest and best way to consume. You’re getting all the medicinal benefits of the plant with no carcinogens from a joint etc.

6) When chilling out, do you prefer to listen to music or watch a movie?  If so, what is your favorite?

In the mornings, if I’m not heading to work, I like to sit and relax on the patio while listening to indie music and drinking some coffee at 5:30 am. I usually tend to my garden and focus on that, it really helps me stay grounded in my roots.

7) Do you have any exciting plans to celebrate legalization later this summer?

Probably nothing too big. I’ll probably be starting a little Cannabis garden myself once it becomes legal. I’m pretty excited the height restriction was lifted and it will give me a better chance to hopefully develop my own strain.

For more inspired posts from Nathan follow North Trail Cannabis on Instagram and his YouTube channel!

Photography credits to @sh.kinah and Dominic Mayhew.

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