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LadyNowe is a lifestyle Cannabis brand from New Brunswick, specializing in Cannabis education and one-on-one coaching.  Teaching ‘EuphoriaNowe’ (Ganja Yoga) to the local community and military veterans, in particular, LadyNowe offers a unique, and personalized experience for individuals, that focuses on bridging the gap between medicinal and recreational Cannabis use.

Spiritleaf interviewed the founder, Juliane Nowe about her consulting business and participation in the Cannabis industry.  Read her response below:

1)    Tell us about your background and how you were first introduced to the world of Cannabis?

I grew up in a small town – Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I knew the stigma around Cannabis but fortunately, I was able to see Cannabis being used as medicine and for recreation. My dad grew Cannabis long before I was born! He has a lot of back pain and had many back surgeries. The doctors kept prescribing him awful medication with severe side effects. He continued to use Cannabis instead to treat his pain. I saw many of his other friends treating pain and disease in the same way. I also got to see the recreational side of it. I started using Cannabis recreationally as a teenager (responsibly) and became a medical patient a little over a year ago. My partner created medical marijuana clinics across Canada. These clinics connect patients to doctors with their diagnosis. After they receive their prescription they then choose what Licensed Producer they want would like to order their medicine from. From here, they also receive Cannabis coaching, peer support and guidance on their medicine. It’s amazing.

2)    What is the best thing about your job?

For one, I get to be my full, authentic self. Years ago, I was a student, then a preschool teacher, waitress, yoga teacher, manager of a studio etc. And in all these jobs I was being partly myself and loving it but had to hide my Cannabis consumption and the stigma was so intense, I could only share this fact with people I was close to. Now I get to live my truth. I get to share all I know about health and life coaching AND get to Cannabis coach – all in one! My other favourite thing is getting to meet and talk to so many like-minded people – whether it’s a client, someone who just reaches out to ask a question or comment, or another business leader in the Cannabis industry.

3)    What inspired you to start private classes for ‘beautiful souls’, such as veterans?

I started teaching yoga to veterans here in New Brunswick, who proudly supported Marijuana for Trauma (majority are Canadian veterans with PTSD, but these clinics serve EVERYONE!). One of the veterans came to my yoga class wearing a t-shirt with their logo on it. I asked him about it and wondered, how could I also become more open about using Cannabis? I said I wanted to teach yoga to their group. At the same time, I had gotten a message from a new owner from another yoga studio asking to connect. When we did, she had said the founder of MFT goes to their yoga study and expressed wanting to start a class (universally timing!). AND at the same time, one of my best friends called me and said “Let’s go to California to get our Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training!”. Needless to stay I transitioned to this new studio and started teaching to veterans, their families and members of MFT once a week. This was also how I was first introduced to the founder of MFT and he is now my life partner (we’ve been together just over a year and a half). From there I fully immersed myself into learning everything I could about diagnoses, Cannabis treatment, Cannabis coaching, genetics, strains and living, what I call a “WHOLEistic lifestyle”. Since then, my life partner and I have held conscious Cannabis circles and full weekends retreats. The spiritual connection, the holding of space and the combination of giving gratitude and proper usage of Cannabis is a true blend of bliss, healing and love.

4)    What advice can you give individuals who are new to ‘Ganja Yoga’?

Find someone that knows what they’re doing – especially if you are new! You want someone that can provide a safe set and setting. The set is everything you bring to the encounter: your history, personality, psycho-spiritual design, your intention and any preparation and explanations taken before taking the medicine (in this situation, Cannabis). The setting is the actual environment and conditions in which you meet the plant. How is your intention reflected in the setting? How is your environment? Is it comfortable? Are there mats and blankets or cushions to sit on? Are you respecting the environment and are there any rituals? Another word of advice from me is – trust your heart. Your heart will guide you into the relaxation where you may experience more love or any messages from the universe and your heart will guide you to breathe slower and guide you to what you would like to incorporate into your class today – each time may be a different experience and intention for you.

5) Does consuming Cannabis through social interaction help people get deeper into their yoga practice?

Totally.  I know, personally, that setting the intention together as a group whether it’s a prayer (here is one that we made up that my life partner and I have used: Blessings on this plant.

Peace be on the Earth. This is our time to heal. She gave us our rebirth.) or simply thanking the plant and providing your own intention to start (with the set and setting) opens the energy to a positive, deeper, more fulfilling experience. Some students have used the intention “to be a good person”, “love”, “healing”, etc. Using this way of starting, combined with the right strain and genetics of Cannabis does wonders. Some people use a vaporizer, we use a pipe (a sacred one, it’s long with feathers on the sides made out of wood). I love joints, and there is something so social but yet bonding about sharing a joint. The teacher/guide needs to know beforehand what the best Cannabis is to use for the class. I take into consideration my students – will there be any new students? Are they experienced with Cannabis or are they new? What type of class will I be leading (for example yoga nidra or yin yoga)? How long of a class will it be? etc. All these things will set the student up to be able to breathe deeper, focus, surrender, let go and most importantly – experience what they need to experience during that class.

6) What can one typically expect to experience attending your class?

A trusting, safe, loving, warm-energy environment. I want everyone to always feel welcome. Whoever you are, whatever reason you are there, I want you to feel welcome and accepted. You can also expect to walk into a full set and setting environment (as explained above) and I love to either lead a full yoga nidra with extended meditation or a yin yoga class ending with yoga nidra and extending Meditation. It’s best to keep the class to about 60-75 minutes.

7)  Do you think the upcoming legalization of recreational Cannabis will change your turnout?

I’m excited about legalization. My heart’s desire would be to teach conscious Cannabis and yoga anywhere it is wanted and needed by others who feel the same. I will always teach to medical marijuana patients but I am also looking forward to extending and growing the community. I also look forward to new users in the recreational market. Conscious Cannabis is the best way to try Cannabis. You have everything explained beforehand. It is all “low and slow” and you receive a positive experience.

Photo Credit to Karrie Nash, for more information on her work, follow the link to her website or email Karrie directly.

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To see more on LadyNowe’s website, follow the link for more!  Follow her on Instagram too!

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