Industry Spotlight: cANNIEbis

This industry spotlight features a brief interview with cANNIEbis! She’s a Cannabis advocate and writer from Prince Edward Island, Canada, who’s focus is on educating others about using Cannabis with intention and moderation. She is a strong leader in the Cannabis community with her ‘can-do’ attitude and passion for the plant. Read more about this Cannabis crusader below!

1) What attracts you to the Cannabis Industry? What do you hope to accomplish as an advocate, educator and crusader?

Cannabis offered me the opportunity to completely pivot the trajectory of my life through my wellness. It propelled me into being my own guide in the health and happiness of my life; it helped me connect with my body and develop a strong intuition. As I began to deepen my relationship with Cannabis and understand the plant, I felt called to share with others what I had experienced. I feel more attracted to the Cannabis plant than I do to the Cannabis industry. The industry side of things happens to be the modality that lets me share with a broader audience.

As far as what I want to accomplish, well…I want to destigmatize Cannabis use, I want to help others understand how to use Cannabis with intention and in moderation, and I want others to feel empowered as Cannabis consumers. Overall, I want Cannabis to be similar to how we are seeing cacao right now.

2) What is your favorite method of consumption and why?

My longtime favourite way to consume is by smoking a joint. I really enjoy the ritual of touching the nugs while they are whole, placing them in the grinder, enjoying the aroma as I spoon the milled Cannabis on the paper, and rolling it between my fingers. That being said, I’m definitely into new tech in the space, so things like vaporizers, portable dab rigs, vape pens, etc. are always fun to try out.

3) Do you have a favorite place you like to consume Cannabis? Tell us where and why.

I love to consume at my altar when I incorporate Cannabis into my meditation practice. I find so much peace when I sit down at my altar, with Cannabis, and connecting with my body and intuition. The beach is a close second though.

4) Your Instagram bio says you’re a ‘high vibe seeker’; explain what this means to you and how you apply this to your daily life?

For me, “high vibes” are present in things that are good for our body, mind, and soul. Things like meditation, exploring nature, cooking/eating nourishing foods are full of “high vibes”. While I’m certainly not perfect, I try my best to intentionally connect these high vibes daily.

5) There are several images of you consuming Cannabis on your Instagram profile. Advertising online is very restricted, what is your opinion about sharing images of individuals consuming Cannabis and what is your approach to this issue?

This is a tricky question…Personally, I would rather see Cannabis consumption all over mainstream media than alcohol consumption. But, I can understand the issues of displaying combustion in advertising and how it may affect youth.

I’ll continue to show images of me consuming until I start getting reprimanded for it though. I think it’s important to we de-stigmatize responsible Cannabis usage and right now, the majority of what is on social media are displays of over-consumption, I’m talking 1g dab videos and that sort of thing. I guess I’m trying to show that there is a counter to that typical stoner culture.

6) Overall, how has your experience been so far as a ‘women in weed’ compared to other industries? Is it the same or different, please explain?

So far, it’s been amazing. I’m grateful to have connected with a lot of other women in the industry who are so supportive. Believe it or not, I used to work in oil & gas, so the Cannabis industry has been a welcome change. There is definitely a lot of the same issues we see in other industries, like a lack of women in C-suite positions. But I believe that there is room for significant growth and I know a bunch of women who are gearing up to take their places in the industry.

7) More and more women are entering the industry. What advice can you give other women who are looking to start a career in the Cannabis Industry?

It’s totally cliché but just do it. Don’t wait for someone to invite you to participate, invite yourself! Learn as much as you can about the plant, understand Bill C-45 (The Cannabis Act), volunteer with Cannabis organizations, there are so many different ways to make the first step. You just have to do it.


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Photo credit to Da Swell.

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