Ganja Yoga

A popular activity in the Cannabis community is what’s called Ganja Yoga!  If you enjoy both Cannabis and yoga, consider combining the two to enhance your practice.  People who have tried Ganja Yoga report feeling a deeper awareness of the body and a clear mental state which can help achieve a better meditative experience on the mat.

Yoga is defined as a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines; originating from ancient India.  It was initially developed around the sixth and fifth centuries, eventually being adopted as a form of physical exercise by the western world in the 1980’s.

Some yogis may argue that you can not achieve pure enlightenment while under the influence of Cannabis.  Which is partially due to the ongoing stigma from years of strict prohibition.  If the end goal is to experience nirvana, who should judge how an individual chooses to achieve this?

If you are trying this activity for the first time it is important to know your tolerance levels and physical limits.  Always use Cannabis responsibly and start slow.  Consider what delivery method is best so you can plan ahead, timing your edibles accordingly and so on.   Be sure your comfortable before beginning your routine and drink lots of water.

Another aspect to consider for an enjoyable yoga experience is selecting the right Cannabis strain.  Indica strains provide a body high and would be more relaxing then a Sativa strain.  CBD dominant strains help control inflammation, which can be beneficial for a workout.  Everyone reacts differently to each strain so make sure you are aware of its effects on you.

Ganja Yoga, as an activity, helps to diminish public perceptions that ‘stoners are lazy’.  Instead of consuming Cannabis and doing nothing, some individuals choose an active lifestyle.  It is a misconception that everyone who uses Cannabis lacks motivation, but this isn’t true.  There are many ‘successful stoners’ in the community who are major athletes and entrepreneurs.

“Ganja Yoga is about experiencing something beautiful and trippy and cool inside yourself.” Says Dee Dussault, GANJA YOGA founder.

*Check the Spiritleaf blog for an interview with the amazing Juliane Nowe, Founder of LadyNowe coming soon!


Ganja Yoga, Leafly, and Arcanna Flowers.

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