Dabber’s Day of the Year

Just like four-twenty is the day for celebrating dried Cannabis, seven-ten is the day for those who prefer to consume concentrates!  This concept has been recently adopted by dabbers and has quickly become a mainstream reference within the Cannabis community.

Why is it July 10th?  The symbol of this ‘stoner holiday’ comes from turning the number 710 upside-down to spell the word ‘OIL’, which is one of the more common forms of Cannabis concentrates.  What are Cannabis concentrates exactly?  Concentrates refer to any product procured through an extraction process, sometimes using a solvent.

Some of the solvents used during the extraction process are butane, CO2, propane, or alcohol.  These products come in many forms including smokable oil, wax or budder, live resin, shatter or taffy, distillate, crumble or honeycomb and so on.

Non-solvent based extractions have become very popular, providing a more natural option.  This process typically involves a heat press for extraction.  The concept is simple: Cannabis + heat + pressure + time = rosin.  Some of these natural products include kief, several types of hash and rosin.

Dabbers prefer concentrates because these products provide a higher potency with a more efficient delivery method, resulting in immediate medicinal effects.  Dabbing concentrates is the best method to optimize the full flavour of the terpenes present in Cannabis.

Concentrates can be consumed in a bong, pipe, vaporizer or in a dab rig.  A good dab rig consists of a glass rig, like a bong.  It also requires a banger or e-nail, carb cap, dab tool and a torch.  All these items come in several different types of materials such as glass, quartz, ceramic or titanium, all with varying degrees of quality.

Always consider the safety aspects involved when consuming concentrates.  Concentrates are just that, concentrated!  Always start low and go slow.  Be careful when heating the nail or banger and do NOT touch the glass once heated.  Be very cautious while using the torch and remember to refill the torch outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

There is no firm information about who exactly coined the term 710.  Regardless, it is about celebrating the benefits of Cannabis.  As always, the best advice is to consume Cannabis safely on this day and every day!

References:  The Weed Blog, Pot Guide and The Daily Sesh.

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