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One exciting benefit of legalization is the potential job creation that is happening now in Canada.  There will be numerous sectors of the industry that will grow, with new possibilities developing daily.  In 2016, the U.S. Cannabis industry reported to be employing an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 workers.  This type of growth is needed in Canada and will benefit many citizens directly.

Below are several examples of entry-level opportunities from store staff to consulting.  There will be many different types of intermediate prospects which include for retailers to extraction experts.  There are even many obscure sectors which will benefit such as tourism, cosmetic and beauty and horticulture.

Some entry-level prospects includes Cannabis concierge, security personnel and delivery drivers on site at a dispensary.  There will be a need for labourers and harvesters at the licensed producer level.  The emerging industry will require Cannabis specialists in real-estate and insurance.  There are endless possibilities for many types of consulting for services including education, business development, patient services and so on.

Other sectors of industry will include dispensary retailers, wholesale or craft growers and product testing labs.  More technical positions in the industry will include quality control or compliance officers and master growers for licensed producers.  With concentrates being regulated for sale next year, there will be a high demand for extraction personnel.

Another interesting niche will be Cannabis themed weddings and floral arrangement, which is quickly gaining popularity.  There are many opportunities for Cannabis themed tourism, including bus tours and ‘bud and breakfasts’.  Another obscure sector is the growing need for Cannabis content writers and social media consulting with many online publications requiring specific talent.

Once regulated next year, infused beauty products will be an exciting sector of industry which will flourish, as this has historically been a profitable niche.  There are many sectors involved in edible production at the facility level and for ongoing research and development.  Edibles chefs are in high demand with infused dining events happening everywhere.

The Canadian government is allowing citizens to grow Cannabis for personal use (depending on the province), grow equipment sales and consulting will be another profitable way to participate in the industry, it has already become a very competitive sector.  With many openings in advanced software technology, from growing applications and even transportation logistics.

With the dawn of a new industry, many individuals have been crossing over from standard industries, bringing with them transferable skills applied in a new way.  There are endless opportunities in the Cannabis industry, with room for most entrepreneurs.  The best advice is to reflect on your personal skills and interests and determine what sector suits your experience best.  Attending the many expos and local networking events are imperative, be brave and don’t wait to pursue your dream!

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