Canadian Cannabis

Recreational Cannabis is now legal in Canada and to celebrate we are highlighting some of the native strains bred here.  Most people have already heard of ‘BC Bud’, this iconic strain is known worldwide.  ‘BC Big Bud’ is typically a sativa hybrid, with potent cerebral effects and originally comes from Amsterdam.  BC is also known for several other native strains such as Island Sweet Skunk, Island Honey, BC God Bud, Barbara Bud and Timewarp.

Originally from Vancouver Island, Timewarp (or Texada Timewarp) is a descendant from a Canadian landrace hybrid that is mostly Sativa.  This strain is a result of a cross breed of genetics from Jordan of the Islands, BC Bud Depot and the Next Generation Seed Company.  It typically has a moderate amount of THC of (17%) with little to no CBD.  The main terpenes in this strain are Limonene and Pinene.  It produces a lighter calming body effect with an uplifting cerebral high.  Timewarp can help to control mild pain, anxiety, stress and depression and is recommended for daytime use.

Alberta has its own local strain known as Green Cush, more commonly known as Green Crack, bred in Pincher Creek in the 1980’s.  This strain is sativa-dominant with genetics linking it to Skunk #1 and an Afghani strain.  It has a high amount of THC, usually over 20%.  The buds are often compact with burnt orange hairs or pistols.  Some of the main terpenes include Ocimenes and Myrcene, giving it a sweet and spicy aroma.  This strain is excellent for controlling pain and can help to relax muscles.

Blue Crinkle is another Canadian strain, originating from Ontario.  It is an Indica dominate strain and has a moderate to high level of THC, at approximately 17% or more.  Little information is known about the history of this strain; it reportedly has a sweet, berry scent.  It can be beneficial for treating chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression.  This local strain is recommended for evening use.

Jean-Guy, which is a strain bred in Quebéc, is said to be a phenotype of White Widow.  It was made famous by the Montreal Compassion Club but gained popularity when it was featured in the first ever Cannabis advertisement in the New York Times. This strain is a Hybrid, with as much as 90% Sativa and has a high THC content reaching up to 25%.  It has a sweet and sour aroma and provides an energizing and uplifting experience.  It can be a reputable source of relief for fibromyalgia and cancer symptoms but is NOT recommended for those who suffer from anxiety because of its intense cerebral effect.

There are potentially millions of different varieties of Cannabis strains being cultivated at this time and choosing one is personal.  Some individuals choose strains simply based on the THC or CBD level, some for the terpene profile and some choose strains because of their origin and reputation.  Keeping track in a ‘strain diary’ is an easy way to narrow down which strains are right for you.  Everyone experiences each strain in a unique way and it is always best to start low and go slow.

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